Authorization to Proceed

  • The recently submitted report (selected below) recommends the sale and/or purchase of various investments in your existing portfolio(s) based upon the information and analysis contained therein.

  • (1) You have read the entire report, e-mail or letter.

    (2) You understand and accept the risks inherent when investing and accept the fact that future, anticipated result are not guaranteed. A possibility exists that you may lose all or a part of your investment.

    (3) As a result of the sales and/or purchase and/or modifications recommended in the report certain transactions fees (not fees payable to Caratel) might be incurred by you.

    (4) There may be income and/or capital gains tax ramifications associated with implementing these modifications.

    (5) You have had all of your questions in regard to these recommendations answered to your satisfaction.

    (6) You agree with the recommendations being made.

    (7) You authorize Caratel Financial Services, Inc. to begin the implementation of these recommendations. Should interim information become available, you authorize Caratel to substitute, in Caratel's sole discretion, a different investment and/or allocation from that contained in the report, e-mail or letter.

    (8) You re-affirm authorization for all previous portfolio modifications performed.