Barry G. Katz MBA, CFP® of Caratel Financial Services

After a decade in the commercial real estate finance profession Barry G. Katz. MBA, CFP® incorporated Caratel Financial Services in 1991 to provide comprehensive and original financial solutions for individuals, families and small businesses.  Caratel is a true Fee-Only financial planning and wealth management firm; our only source of compensation comes from the client.  As a result, clients know that the advice received is solely in their best interest.

Caratel is a Registered Investment Advisor in the states of Florida and Connecticut. With locations in these states, Caratel is able to serve a geographically diverse client base. We maintain frequent communication with our clients, locally and all over the continental United States, with visits, e-mails and web conferencing. We use the latest technology to securely transmit various reports, make presentations, and maintain client information.

Caratel encourages development of long-term relationships with clients to ensure that they remain on their path to financial success even as the world in which we live changes.  We offer qualified prospects an Initial Consultation at no cost to get to know us and our work product.  We look forward to working with you.

Comprehensive and Segmented Plans

  • We recommend an analysis of all aspects of a client’s financial situation in order to create a coordinated roadmap – a financial plan – guiding you towards financial success.  However, when a comprehensive approach is not applicable we are able to provide specific plan components.


  • Our only source of compensation is the client.  We do not sell product.  We do not receive commissions.  In this manner the client can be assured that they are receiving the objective advice that is truly best for them.

Relationship Centered

  • We live in an ever-changing world. Today’s financial plan may no longer be appropriate. We do not “nickel and dime” clients. Caratel’s Ongoing Relationship structure incorporates regular updates and encourages clients to contact us whenever a question or concern arises.


  • We do not use boilerplate solutions.  Every client is unique.  Every financial plan is an original (you may even find a typo).


  • Legally, morally, and ethically we place our client’s interests before our own.


  • Our clients appreciate that we will always respond to their inquiry quickly and thoroughly. Our Sunset Policy assures a response is typically provided that same day and always within 24 hours.